This is the section of Clouds Up which will certainly take me both the most time and effort to complete. So far, I have created the character sections for the two main characters, Shichirou and Kohaku, as well as my humble little shrine to Kouryuu. (Entitled "loved By Cats").
Major characters will be given their own section and layout (this is the case with all of my write-ups so far) , while less important ones will most likely have merely a description and as much information as I was able to come up with about them.
Since I strive to be as analytical as possible, some time will pass until I have written up content for all characters, therefore I hope you bear with me and check back often for possible updates. Thank you ^^

Warning! All character descriptions contain either a large or perhaps minor amount of spoilers. Read at your own risk, and don't send me flame emails later on, telling me that I did not warn you !