Name: Shuichirou Kudo
Nature: Human
Appearance: Shuichirou has a tall figure and is well-built with very wide shoulders. He wears his dark hair in a short cut; which is best described as looking "strict but sporty". He dresses in a very casual; "basic" manner, usually wearing a pair of Jeans (?) and a T-shirt. His eyes are dark , narrow and seem to be very "focused". His facial expression is usually very stern and serious, which leads Kouryuu to the comment that he "always looks like that" when Kohaku mentions his mellow aura.
Profession: Doctor ( Surgeon at a hospital )
Age: In the beginning of the manga, it is stated that Shuichirou is 28 years old.
Strong Points: He is very good at dealing with children, and follows his profession as a doctor with extreme care and kindness towards his patients. His humble and generous personality is evident, since he is willing to invite a handful of utter strangers to live in his house, simply because he feels the desire to help the Angel Kohaku and his friend Hisui.
Weak Points: Shuichirou's calm and controlled behaviour brings along a negative point : A strong lack of openess. He is introverted and therefore is perceived at being "unemotional" and even cold at first glance.
Enjoys: The presence of Kohaku, who obviously is his "light (of hope)", as well as nature and anything serene/calm.
Dislikes: Noise, turmoil, and of course, Kohaku's absence.