Kohaku & Shuichiro
Background: One night, Kohaku finds himself in a rather dangerous situation, out of which he cannot escape by himself. He is being attacked by a crow, and since he doesn't have his normal, tall appearance, he cannot defend himself.
At this point, he meets Shuichirou for the first time, who helps Kohaku out of said situation by rescuing him from the aggressive crow.
Kohaku - as always - behaves in a very polite manner right away, while Shuichiro simply believes he is "dreaming". It takes him quite a while to realize that Kohaku indeed isn't part of his imagination, but reality. Seeing how much Shuichiro has helped Kohaku, it is, from now on, Kohaku's biggest wish to pay the favor back and help Shuichiro as well.
Shuichiro, however, declines any kind of help from Kohaku at first, saying, that he didn't have any particular wish, and that he was happy living the way he was at the moment. Kohaku cannot accept this statement and refuses to leave his side until he has been able to return the favor. Not only is it his duty to repay him - he also wants to.

Nature of Relationship: A bit one-sided at first, the affection towards the other soon becomes mutual. Kohaku has great respect for Shuichiro from the beginning on, and finds him to be a mysterious yet fascinating person. He is eager to understand Shuichiro and his feelings, but has problems at it, due to Shuichiro's being very introverted and reserved. As time passes, however, Shuichiro starts becoming fascinated by Kohaku and his unique innocence as well and eventually develops strong feelings for him. Towards the end, both Shuichiro Kohaku discovers that it is in fact true love he is experiencing, therefore fullfilling the theme of Wish: "There is a wish that cannot be realized alone."
Their love towards eachother surely is of a very innocent kind; definitely platonic. In fact, Kohaku is not even aware of anything called "sex", which is clearly shown in several parts throughout the plot. His love for Shuichiro is a mixture of admiration, respect and the fact that he feels extremely secure and happy when being around him. Shuichiro also is surely the more dominating of the two, eventhough he is so quiet. Kohaku does not "obey" him in the original meaning, but accepts and respects Shuichiro's opinions and wishes even more than those of his beloved Idol Hisui.
As years pass, the both of them might develop a more sensual love and relationship , not unlike the one between Kokuyo and Hisui which is both kind, affectionate and sinful at the same time.

more to be coming soon