In this section you'll be able to read up on Kouryuu's basic information as well as a character analysis. (The latter is right beneath the basic facts ) In a nutshell, this is where you'll get to know the adorable demon! ^^

Kouryuu : Basic Information:
His name and its meaning: "Kouryuu" is japanese for "garnet". A garnet is a gemstone of very intense red color, and is supposed to grant the person who owns it the power of becoming invisible. (this is irrelevant to Wish though)
Nature: Kouryuu is a very young demon, and the nephew of Satan. Thus, he is also the cousin of Kokyou's.
Appearance: Dark, messy hair which stands in strong contrast to his pale skin and his bright, intense red eyes. His body is very slim and elegant looking, and he usually dresses in dark, rather tight-fitting "suits". His eyes are narrow, and his ears pointed like those of an elf.
Age: Being a demon, he has no specific age; however, I presume one is supposed to think of him as being a young demon in his late teen years or early twenties.
Ability: Kouryuu's "hougan" (magic) is a lighting attack. It is very powerful , however, he has yet to learn how to use it correctly. (He tends to abuse it everytime he has one of his temper tantrums...)
Dislikes: Kouryuu loathes having to watch any sort of loving/kind behaviour (especially that of Kokyou&Hisui; as well as Kohaku&Shuichirou;). Apart from that, boredom is the prime thing that disturbs and irritates him to no end - he simply does not feel comfortable being "inactive".
Enjoys: Teasing and often even slightly torturing Kohaku , seducing (or trying to) creatures and generally acting very mischevious and nasty.
Favorite Food: Everything, be it humans, demons and especially innocent angels ! *laughs* Alright, on a more serious note, demons are nurished by feeding on souls. Hence, they feel especially attracted to creatures that are close to dying.

@ Random :
Throughout the entire plot, Kouryuu - like all young demons - changes into a chibi size as soon as dawn sets in. However, after Kohaku's absence at the end of the story, he is able to remain in his tall, slender appearance 24 hours a day. ( This is due to his obviously having mastered his power while Kohaku was "sleeping" )

Kouryuu: Character Analysis
What goes on inside that pretty head with the deep, garnet-red eyes? How does Kouryuu function?
At heart, this young demon is still very immature and undeveloped. He is playful, to the point that he despises any sort of boredom, and always needs to be involved in something and everything. He is extremely curious, and enjoys nothing more than experiencing new things, new terrain - and of course lovers.
Kouryuu is very similiar to what Kokuyo was like in his younger years: Filled with lust, energy and always on the search for the next bedpartner. He is a little rebel, who always demands attention, enjoys mischief to the extreme, and cannot stand being ignored or left out.
His sexy appearance and likewise behaviour make it clear from the beginning what is on this demon's mind, and he enjoys showing off his sensual nature and attractiveness at any given oportunity.
While his happiness is heavily dependant on being able to let out the sexual energy that rests within him, he hates the other, psychologial side of love. He despises having to watch any sort of affection beyond flirticious manner, and is constantly annoyed by Hisui's loving way of treating his cousin and (former wild lover) Kokyou.
Beside his vivid sexual activities, there is one other thing that Kouryuu enjoys most: Mischief.
Poor angel Kohaku has always been a target of his pranks, he loves teasing, slightly hurting, and chasing him around, even though Kouryuu does not truly have any hard feelings against him.
Apart from the pleasure he has in making Kohaku feel bad, he has also developed a crush on "his" angel, which makes him refrain from doing Kohaku too much harm and causing too much trouble for him and those around him. He is strangely attracted to the innocent, pure aura the little angel has, but has yet to fully realize the true meaning of his effection.
Surely the one side of the feelings he has for Kohaku (the bratty,"mean" half) can be compared to what a cat feels about his prey: He always prepares little pranks, suddenly "pouncing" into the scene and disturbing the peaceful atmosphere. He will only hurt Kohaku to a certain point, since he doesn't ever want to miss his presence. Similiar to a cat, he loves "playing" with his target, enjoying the torture more than anything else.
Reason for his presence on earth is - of course - Kohaku's staying at Shuichirou's house. In this situation, he sees a newly found opportunity to have the favorite object of his childish, mischevious torture constantly around him.

In a past filled with sexual adventures, Kouryuu was always ready to dive into a new one. His favorite bedpartner at that time was his cousin Kokyou, who had not yet fallen in love with the Archangel Hisui, and therefore was still the sexually most active and lusty demon of the underworld.
Sensual Kouryuu, who is usually very possessive about what is dear to him, has started to accept the fact that his former lover is no longer what he used to be, and is now obsessively hitting on Shuichirou, constantly trying to seduce angel Kohaku's love interest.
His youth shows in almost all his actions, be it his pranks, his temper tantrums and even his lust , which seemingly cannot be tamed.
He has a very strong personality which makes him awfully self-confident and competitive but likewise also easily jealous and overly selfish.

As seen through Kouryuu's eyes, life is one mischevious adventure after another. It is something that can be spiced with erotic escapades and other pleasantires. Ultimately, however, he is unable to comprehend what his life truly about.