Loved By Cats - the Koryu clique
Loved by Cats is a clique that hopes to link together all webmasters and webmistresses that have a faible for this adorable ecchi demon ^^
This clique does not have any message board or anything fancy like's simply a place where you can get a little button to put on your page so that everybody out there knows how much you love Kouryuu *grins*

*Click here for the list of current members!*

If you are interested in joining, please read the following !
xx rules for joining xx
1) naturally , you must have a homepage.
2) this homepage does *not* have to be wish-related, but *must* have anime content.
3) the banner you put up on your page has to be linked back to "loved by cats".
4) i don't have to like your page, but please don't submit if you arent satisfied with it yourself.
5) I don't care whether it has a mild form of hentai content in it, but please nothing "hardcore".
6) you must love Kouryuu. (ah really?)

xx how to join xx
if you agree to all of the above mentioned points, then joinig is very simple. send me an email in which you please clarify the following things:

  • your name
  • your homepage's address and title
  • what your page is about
    My e-mail address is, and I'll be sure to reply to your e-mail as soon as I find the time to do so ! Usually, the time you'll have to wait won't be longer than 1-3 days ^^
    Please remember *not* to insert the clique button before i e-mail you back !
    Here are the buttons you can chose from, and If you find all of these buttons ugly, then you can also create one yourself and send it to me, or simply use a text-link !

    All buttons are to be linked to :