I am most certain that you'll agree with me that Kouryuu is one of Clamp's most luscious male creations. No? Ohwell...*pouts*
Ah, at any rate - here you'll find miscellaneous Kouryuu-related images,media, etc which I happen to gather. As of October 2000, we also have 3 fanart submissions and 1 winamp skin ^_^
If you feel like donating something, send me an email! It is always highly appreciated =D

____________CLAMP Art

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______________Fan Art!
The following drawings were kindly donated by Sakura of Neutralred.net. She's really got talent and I especially love the third image. *sighs* I need to draw some sometime as well.... *cough*

I would like to thank the very kind Emily of Niko-Niko.net for letting me offer her 2 wonderful Kouryuu-dominated WinAmp Skins here at Loved By Cats ! *smiles* For more of her great creations, go & visit her Skin page ^_^