Hello and Welcome to "Loved By Cats", my humble little dedication to Kouryuu, one of the demons featured in the manga series WISH, and definitely one of my favorite Clamp-characters of all times ^^
I started this site as a fanclub-only page, but later decided to spice it up with some content. Well, now I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather have a shrine dedicated to him rather than only a fanclub, so now the club's the minor thing about Loved By Cats.
As of July 23rd, we are celebrating the site's second revamp, and likewise its move into the Wish-related domain kouryuu.nu ! *cheers*
Please note that while this page has been revamped, a couple of sections aren't quite complete yet. I have in mind to make this a rather extense source for information on Kouryuu (since it *is* the only site dedicated to him out there!) (at least that I know of), so you can expect new content being added in the future.
Anyhow, please navigate by using the menu image links at the top (how very obvious) and if you have any comments or questions regarding this page's content, feel free to email me at alexa@cherrycoma.net ^^