In this section you will learn what sort of relationships Kouryuu shares with the other members of the Wish cast. There are still many improvements in store for this section, so check back soon !

Kouryuu & Kokyou: The relationship Kouryuu and Kokyou share used to be a lot more intense than it is now. The fact that they are cousins never stopped them from getting sexually involved with eachother. With both demons being active and extremely passionate, they would never let the possibility of getting close to each other slip.
In former times, while still living in the underworld, Kokyou wasn't emotionally tied to anybody yet, and most certainly seduced anybody who was available. Kouryuu, as prancy and lively as he is, always was more than eager to be his willing bed-partner, and even though he comes across as being very dominant, he definitely always has been the recessive partner in their relationship. He is no match for Kokyou's masculinity and strong nature, and would most likely "obey" him in almost any situation. However, this does not mean that he is absolutely passive: While not being the dominant partner, Kouryuu would never let himself be totally "degraded", not even by his admired lover Kokyou.
Nowadays, Kokyou doesn't let Kouryuu come too close to him anymore. Being totally devoted to Hisui, Kokyou no longer is the lusty casanova (as simple as it sounds) who he used to be, and doesn't allow anybody to interfere with their intimacy.
Given the fact that Kokyou and Kouryuu's relationship seems to have been mostly based on their sexual interests, they aren't nearly as close as they used to be. Kokyou seems to be too occupied with Hisui to pay too much attention to his poor, longing cousin, and therefore all he's currently got in store for him are casual (but very adorable and amusing) teasing moments.
Taken as a whole, I believe that eventhough they don't spend very much time with eachother anymore, a strong bond is nevertheless still connecting the two : They simply don't live out their feelings anymore. (Kouryuu because it's not in his power to do so, and Kokyou because he has changed his priorities).

Kouryuu & Kohaku: Thus far, I've only come across one person who supports my point of view (*smiles and nods to Val*) , but if you ask me, there is no doubt that this naughtly little demon has his eye on Kohaku. However, the feelings he holds for the angelically innocent Kohaku aren't anywhere close to being similiar to his affection for Kokyou.
Kouryuu's behaviour clearly shows that he can be (he isn't necessarily, but he can be) the exact oposite of Kohaku, in his ways of enjoying causing hurt and trouble. Nobody would go so far as to call Kouryuu downright "evil" (one can't say that about any character in this series - supposedly even Satan would have a positive side to him if he were included in the story) , but as far as the contrast between good and bad goes in Wish, he surely is supposed to represent Kohaku's counterpart.
At first, Kouryuu's bullying and general torture of Kohaku seems like a mere way of adding some "action" into the story, but if you think about this, it doesn't make any sense. Firstly, Wish isn't about action, and secondly, the action provided by Kouryuu's pranks certainly aren't really worth mentioning. So why is it included in the story? If you ask me personally, it undoubtly adds a lot of lively atmosphere to the story, and my second reason would be: To show the feelings he has for the little cherub. Yes, though it might sound nonsensical at first, I strongly believe that this is a classic example of "teasing out of affection". Kouryuu's pranks never go very far and he's not able to cause much harm to anybody; especially since his intentions never are very "evil" afterall. If you do not see my point here, I still have definite proof in store for you.
If you have read up to the end of Wish, you will have witnessed the emotional turmoil Kouryuu experiences upon hearing about Kohaku's punishment from God. In these scenes, he clearly shows the feelings he carries for Kohaku deep-down inside of himself, as he is literally enraged about the state the angel must be in from now on. Saying things such as "Why is he punished so severely while Hisui only is being banned from Heaven?!?" is more than only an indifference towards the subject; he is truthfully upset and deeply moved by the situation.
Kouryuu must be impressed by the serene personality Kohaku bears, and eventhough it goes against his nature to be attracted to this kind of peaceful, harmless being, he cannot seem to help it. No, he would not give up his way of life and enjoy leading it the way Kohaku does, but he obvously does deeply respect and care for the angel.

Kouryuu & his catgirls: Ruri and Hari, his devoted servants who turn into cats during daytime - they adore him like none other, and yet he doesn't return any sort of emotions ^_-
Surely, one cannot speak of love when it comes to these lively female demons - they love being around their 'master' and are constantly trying to get the best of his attention, but in the end they're often just rather mindless "fangirls", as harsh as it may sound. Their emotions never are very serious and nothing deep - they prefer admiring and dreaming of their 'Kouryuu-sama' (among other males such as Shuichirou or Kokyou) in a shallow way. Similiar to Kouryuu himself, who is clearly not as childish as they are, but nevertheless bears the emotional maturity of a very undeveloped teenager. Seeing that they're demons and inhabitants of the underworld, they are primarily interested in physical, sexual satisfaction, which explains why they put up with Kouryuu's emotional ignorance towards them.
Ruri and Hari like to cling to Kouryuu and are always obedient when it comes to doing him favors and following his orders. He uses them as his spies; constantly sending them to find out what Kohaku and Shuichirou are up to.
Despite them being very minor characters who have little to no impact on the story's wrap-up, they are nevertheless not to be left out. While Kouryuu's life definitely does -not- revolve around them like they wish it did, he still enjoys being around them and wouldn't want to miss their company. Ruri And Hari add an extra amount of cheerful liveliness to the story of Wish and also further stress the reader's idea that hell is indeed a place exclusively for pleasure and lust. Afterall, they do indeed enrich Kouryuu's life - and, putting it in simple words : With Kouryuu being so self-centered, who wouldn't want the extra attention that they give him?

Kouryuu & Hisui If Kohaku is the childishly innocent, friendly and naive "child" in Wish' cast, then Hisui certainly is the warm, caring mother. Now, what could Kouryuu possibly despise more than that?
Of course , once again, those are definitely not his true feelings which he openly displays for Hisui. Kouryuu backs off as soon as utter and open friendlieness such as Hisui's is shown. Kouryuu cannot stand kindness, warmth, the idea behind love and trust. Hence, Kouryuu does not feel comfortable around Hisui. But above all: Kouryuu is jealous - he is jealous that Hisui has 'taken away' his Kokyou.
When pondering the above statements, I have come to the conclusion that the only really true 'fact' is his envy and jealousy - the other issues, however, are entirely subject to speculation.
For one thing, I do not believe in Kouryuu's seemingly strong indifference and especially "disgust" towards/for love and affection. He is a young demon, a rebel in his most lively but also mentally chaotic years. Kohaku is the best example that this 'diabolic' creature is definitely not as cold and heartless as he likes to seem. It is no doubt true that Kouryuu shys away from behaviour such as Hisui's motherly kindness, but this is not due to hatred or disgust but plain and simply out of a feeling of uneasyness; insecurity.
His actions and outspoken feelings (especially towards the end of the story when Kohaku's fate is being determined by God) point out that he is innerly torn: On the one hand he always tries to remain his 'vicious', rebellious self, but on the other hand he can't deny that he is afterall not immune to positive, affectionate sentiments that surpass those required for physical, sexual, superficial love.
Therefore, Kouryuu isn't truly, deeply disgusted by watching a couple exchange intimate and loving gestures, but rather by the mere fact that it is 'his' Kokyou who is the target of Hisui's affection. At first, he is innerly enraged upon seeing these two together for the first time. His mind does not want to accept the fact that Kokyou no longer is his exclusive lover, and therefore he has the hardest time getting used to Hisui's presence. Not only has Kokyou decided to stay with one person forever (which is symbolically shown by his giving Hisui his left eye), but to top it all off, the partner in question is one of heaven's kindest, most gentlest archangels ! This must seem downright absurd to Kouryuu, and it takes him a long time before he starts accepting their eternal bond.
Kouryuu does not feel hatred for Hisui ... but due to him, he is forced into a situation which he cannot influence. He won't ever have the intense relationship he once did with Kokyou anymore, and seeing that Hisui is the one that has put this all to a sudden end, he doesn't have the most positive opinion on him. However, he shows respect for him and is aware that Hisui is clearly an ultimately higher-ranking individual than himself. As time passes, Kouryuu does find his place in the Kudou "family", even with Hisui serving as the household's "mother".