why wish ?

Well, if you have visited the rest of my page, you will know that I love a lot of CLAMPs series. The other series I have pages on in my collective are either already very popular (X/1999) or even on the verge of becoming the target of a *huge* hype in the USA (card captor sakura). Wish is a series that doesn't have this massive amount of fans yet, and the lack of sites dedicated to it is very obvious. I can tell that more and more people are discovering the charm of this series, but i have yet to hear that an american company is about to publish the manga.
But I live in Germany, and a translation *has* been released here already. Usually it is the other way around - the US translation tends to be issued a lot earlier than the german one, so i was very surprised when i discovered that it wasn't out in the US yet. After I finished reading all 4 wish volumes (it is short and sweet!) , i decided to help this series become popular in some way. An image gallery was never the thing i had in mind, since there are no artbooks around that i know of. I thought of scanning manga images, but that would have been simply a bit too dull -and then i came up with the idea of doing a fan-translation. I wasn't all too sure about whether or not to do it, so it took me some time to come to the final decision.....last wednesday, March 22nd, i started scanning and editing the pages in photoshop. It wasn't as annoying and tiresome a task as i had expected it to be, but still it wasn't entertainment either *laughs* ....what kept me going was the thought that i will hopefully be able to help all those people out there that have picked up the japanese version and don't know what the series is actually about ^^;
I have not found any other fan-created translations, but i bet there are some somewhere out there.....but as my experience has proven, it's always good when there are several around....the one might shut down, and then there is none left. Plus, I *do* doubt that there is anybody else that is planning on scanning the pictures and inserting the translation into them ......
At first, I had planned on only doing image-translations for the first volume, but due to the fact that there is no commercial release scheduled yet for the US, I have changed my mind. Plus, I was getting so much positive feedback, that I couldn't bear to quit doing it.
However, please note that I *do* highly recommend you to purchase the original volumes. If you would like to know how to get them online, I can be of help, you simply have to send me an email.
This translation site is updated every weekend, so look for new chapters on Saturdays or Sundays.
I sincerely hope that nobody will sue me or steal the work that has cost me quite a bit of time. Thank you !