wish manga translations

The Translation of the Wish series was completed on December 31st, 2000 ! Horrah ^_^

Please note that these translations are *not* text-only versions.
Every chapter's pages have been scanned and then translated, using an image editor.
Every zipfile you will find contains one chapter, made up of about 17 single .jpg images, which equal one pagefold of the original manga.
All of the translations were done by alexa, and they are non-profit. So please enjoy without wanting to sue me -.-;;
And the obvious: *please* don't steal these files. I swear, I will have you tracked down !

Currently available:

volume 1 ------------->status: completed

volume 2 ------------->status: completed

volume 3 ------------->status: completed

volume 4 ------------->status: completed ! *cheers ^^v*