WELCOME TO Clouds.Up's Translation Section, where you can download scanned translations of the Wish Manga.

This project of mine was started in the early spring months of 2000 and came to an end when the year closed on December 31st.
During the active months, I tried to issue a new chapter every 1-2 weeks, which was usually possible. If not, I had been either busy, tired, lazy or not in the "Wish-mood".
I would like to thank everybody who e-mailed me with feedback in the past - your opinion meant and means a lot to me. As much as I am glad that I've completed all four volumes of the series, I also know that I'm missing the translating. Though scanning each page & translating the text was hard work, I also greatly enjoyed it ^_^

Last but not least: My grammar, spelling and translations aren't "perfect". I'm sure there are little mistakes here and there, so I hope you can try to ignore them. If you feel there's a BIG problem somewhere, don't hesitate to contact me.
Please note that while I accidentally translated Kohaku's referance as "she" in some earlier chapters, i DO believe that the angel is either to be seen as being male, or (and this is the more likely) - genderless.
In the German version they turned him/it into a female, and since I wasn't always 100% focused while doing the job, I sometimes translated a bit too literally. Please forgive this & don't send me confused e-mails along the "Hey, I thought you said Kohaku WASN'T a girl!" - lines. Thanks ^_^