Note concerning my "Scanslations"

Due to occurances in the past, I have decided to write a brief note about my scanned translations.
First and foremost, it is important to clearly state : Yes, these files are illegal. If you want to e-mail me with "news", this is not what I need to hear. I am very well aware that I could get into legal trouble for the things I am offering here, but I take the risk in order to give others a chance to get to know this wonderful series.
It is true that not everybody who reads these scanslations will go out & purchase the actual volumes, but I want to make it clear that I *do* suggest you to do that. I'm not here to rip off the artist, but rather to evoke other peoples' interest - scanned translations are a lot more fun to read than having to constantly skip from text to manga, back and forth.
The Wish manga isn't "impossible" to purchase online, but keep in mind that not everybody has access to a credit card. I agree that japanese manga is far more affordable than Japanaese Anime LDs & DVDs, but nevertheless they're not all that easy to get for everybody. I personally regard my work as that very similiar of a fansubber, and should the rights ever be purchased by an American Company, I will surely take down these files that very instant.

You do not need to agree with my opinions, however, please keep these words in mind in case you feel like flaming me. If you feel you definitely "have to comment", then please state your point in a reasonable manner. Immature flames *will* be ignored. Thank You!