Well, as you might know; there is no Wish artbook, and the amount of color images of this series are therefore very scarce. I will be able to scan selected black-and-white images from the manga; the manga color images (there is a color pagefold in each volume of the tankoubon) as well as post some images which I found on the internet. For now, I have been able to scan and upload the images found in the booklet that came with the Wish Gift Box. It consists of character sketches of all the protagonists as well as 2 cute color images of Chibi-Kohaku and Kouryuu. Since the character sheets have a lot of images on them, I decided to scan them as a whole instead of separating the page. Please be aware that the character sketches are all around 500KB in size and therefore very, very large.

Feel free to use these in graphics & layouts (credit would be kind but is not a neccessity) but please don't post them on your site (e.g. in image galleries)

kouryuu's character sheet  kokyou's character sheet  kohaku's character sheet  hisui's character sheet  shuichirou's character sheet  a sketch of the Wish cast  the cat girls' character sheet  the front inner page of the wish gift box booklet - kouryuu sitting on a tree together with Ruri & Hari  the back inner page of the wish gift box booklet - kohaku sitting on a tree  the front cover of the 'Anniversary of Angel' Single; featuring Kohaku and Shuichirou  the back of the 'Anniversary of Angel' single, showing chibi-kohaku  the front and back of the Wish Gift Box Booklet - Kohaku with Flowers and Shuichirou