KouryuuNU is a domain hosting exclusively my sites dealing with the manga WISH by Clamp. This domain is actually part of the Cherrycoma network,which is my humble little anime collective. All of the files within this domain used to be located at my other domain,however, I had to notice that my translations were using up too large an amount of my bandwidth, which is why I decided to purchase yet another account for my Wish Sites.
Kouryuu is the adorable,immature demon of this wonderful tale, and since he is my favorite character, I couldn't resist naming this wish domain after him. I could also have chosen Kouryuu.com, but I personally am not that big a fan of .com domains (it depends, but with the name "kouryuu" it just didn't sound all that good) and I liked the almost insanely high amount of "u's" in Kouryuu.nu. It sounds nice and twisted ^.~
However, Kouryuu.nu is NOT solely a domain for my Kouryuu shrine "Loved By Cats" , but a domain dedicated to the series taken as a whole.
Clouds.Up has been my high-priority site for a couple of months now, and I am currently still working on the manga-translations. It is my goal to provide the visitor with as much information on Wish as possible, and eventhough my sites are still in their beginning phase at the moment, I *am* rather confident that they will someday be something I can be truly proud of ^^
Many people dislike coming across unfinished sites - I personally am of the opinion, that Clouds.Up offers enough content for it to be open to the public, and while it is far from being extense, I like to share the progress of the work with my visitors, rather than serving them everything at one time. This way, people will be able to see how my sites (slowly ^^;) develop, and it also means that the updates can be more frequent.
If you wish to view diverse other site-related tidbits, please click the "etc" link to the left of the page. ^^

Enjoy ! ---alexa