Welcome to the articles & opinions section of Clouds.Up, where I will feature everything that is purely based on my personal thoughts, impressions and opinions. (as the title already suggests ^_~ )
If you look at the menu on the left, you'll notice that solely 2 out of 4 definitely planned secetions are up at the moment; that being the "favorite scenes" section as well as the obligatory little Wish-review. The others already mentioned will be added as I find the time (which I hope will be the case soon) as well as new additions that might come to my mind as time passes.
Just a note about the section in which I discuss certain moments in Wish : This is *not* a small image gallery or anything similiar to that. The only reason why I have added manga scans into it, is that I thought it to be nice being able see what I'm writing about. I am aware that Clouds Up is currently still without an image gallery, but that just might appear sometime soon ^_~

As always, you are welcome to send me any kind of comments and questions you might have ! ^^