What I love 'Wish' for ...
Given that you're at my Wish-dedicated domain 'Kouryuu.nu', I believe you've figured by now that your webmistress is a hopeless Wish-fanatic ^_~
I've been asked numerous times, what exactly makes me love this series so awfully much; and everytime I've been a bit hesitant answering.
Wish doesn't have the suspense-packed action other series by CLAMP cater, such as X or even the more playful Magic Knight Rayeaerth. It doesn't have a story nearly as bizarre as Clover, and isn't cute in the way Card Captor Sakura is. At first glance, all people can possibly see in Wish is a sweet, yet rather "simple" story-line, accompanied by artwork which is "nice" but nothing like that of X or Rayearth.
The drawings often don't contain anything but the bare basics, thus being the exact oposite of X which is about as elaborate as a manga can possibly get.
Let me tell you about the first time I happened upon the Wish manga :
Last year (that being 1999) I was spending time in our local comic store and noticed that "Carlsen" - one of the most popular german comic companies - had released yet another manga by CLAMP; following Magic Knight Rayeaerth. I hadn't heard of Wish and only ended up purchasing the very first volume out of mere curiosity. After having read the first book, I was all but very impressed. It seemed to be an enjoyable series to read through, however I wasn't too fond of the artwork and the plot simply didn't draw me in like I had hoped it would.
After that, months passed. It wasn't until one day, on which I was particularly bored, that I decided to give Wish a second chance. I was pointlessly wasting my time at a foreign trainstation and had a lot of it to kill before the train's arrival. Since the station's bookstore didn't have a very impressive amount of books to offer, I more or less hesitantly picked up the second Wish volume to read while waiting for my train. As it turned out, I ended up sitting in the train, having finished the second book, and wanting more.
Never in my life would I have thought that I would actually enjoy the series to that extent, and I had changed my mind about Wish within such a small period of time as one hour !
When my train arrived in my town, I quickly dashed to our bookstore and purchased volumes #3 and #4 and read both that same day. Not only that; I actually re-read the first volume and made it through the entire series twice within only one evening ^^;
From that day on, Wish had become one of my very favorite series, and soon I decided to have some sort of content on it on my website. It's not clear to me what exactly gave me the idea of translating the series ... my site was getting an average of something like 10-15 hits a day and I should have been aware that my effort wouldn't be worth the feedback that I'd possibly receive.
Nevertheless, I started to scan and translate the manga chapter for chapter, and meanwhile I am happy to say that I've received very positive comments and am very glad I started doing it in the first place ^^ I am proud to read that people start liking the series by reading my chapter translations, and I hope to encourage more and more to purchase the volumes of what I personally find to be one of CLAMP's most interesting works.

Wish isn't about action or about suspense. Sure, it does offer a good amount of the latter, but it's nonetheless hardly the focus of the story. The aim of Wish is to tell a story filled with positive feelings such as hope, love, trust and belief by portraying some of the most likeable characters and couples the anime world has to offer.
However, it is not to be misunderstood as being an overly cheerful, solely positive story. It's about getting to know and respect individuals that are so very different from yourself, but not without pointing out the feeling of dispair and loss which is often so tightly connected to love.
I love to watch Shuichiriou & Kohaku realize their affection for eachother; not to mention the passion-filled relationship Kokyou and Hisui lead, or the liveliness Kouryuu's character adds to the plot's atmosphere. In my opinion, every single of the protagonists have their own unique personality which is awfully likeable in its own way.

Do not take Wish as being a happy-go-lucky lovestory for children that are too immature to grasp a complicated plot. Wish is refreshing in its simplicity, which is always mature enough without being overly serious. I find it to be very remarkable that it doesn't fail being interesting eventhough the plot only becomes dramatic in some few parts.
Overall, I recommend Wish to anybody who is interested in CLAMP's work in general, as it clearly demonstrates their diversity. When trying to compare it to another anime series, one is easly tempted to mention "Ah! My goddess", due to the series' highly similiar, basic plot-structure. Wish does definitely fit into the "magical comedy" slot, however without lacking any charm and still remaining similiar yet different from other series of that genre.