A beautifully intense scene involving Kokyou & Hisui. In this particular part of the story, Kohaku & Shuichirou have just discovered that Hisui is indeed on earth. However, he is not alone - to Kohaku's shock Hisui has taken Kokyou, the devil's very son as his lover. This is the moment in which Kokyou clearly claims Hisui as "his" angel - grabbing him from behind & saying " I have devoured this angel".

In order to find out what happened in Shuichirou's past, Kohaku traveled in time with the help of Kouryuu (who is, as we get to know a bit later, of course up to no good). In former times, Shuichirou wasn't able to see Kohaku, and all he heard was a slight whisper when Kohaku shouted his name at the top of his lungs. When Kouryuu played a trick on Kohaku & returned to present time without him, Kohaku was desperate and wished nothing more than to return to his normal time. With the aid of Hotaru, Shuichirou's stepmother ( & wisteria spirit) Kohaku finally makes it back "home" and is happy beyond words to be back where Shuichirou can see him. In this scene Kohaku asks him whether "he can see him", and when Shuichirou answers "yes", Kohaku falls into a highly surprised Shuichirou's arms. ^^

Kouryuu has realized how much affection Kohaku has for Shuichirou & therefore decides to seduce the human in order to hurt Kohaku. (apart from wanting to satisfy his personal lust&craving; of course ^_~ )
Our favorite demons says: "He is important to Kohaku ... so I'll eat him up!".
At that very moment, Kohaku is using Shuichirou's huge coat which he had given him because the little angel was freezing. However, now Shuichirou's not exactly feeling very well - and given Kohaku's awfully concerned & caring nature, he of course instantly is worried about Shuichirou's being cold because of him. Aww ^^

When a cat suddenly attacks Kohaku for no apparent reason, he is understandably bewildered. However, the day after he finds out that the cat is actually in love with him & therefore acting wild (&biting; Shuichirou due to jealousy ^_~ ) . To Kohaku's very misfortune, Kouryuu finds out about this and of course right away sees it as yet another thing he can tease Kohaku about. In this scene, Kouryuu is acting especially adorable - laughing about Kohaku's "strange" admirerer & saying things such as "Sango (the cat) & Kohaku are going to marry!"
Also, he notices that Shuichirou has been bitten by the cat & offers to "lick the wound". (the very top right panel).

One of Kokyou & Hisui's most romantic moments is pictured here. That particular morning, Kokyou steps out of the house and into the sunlight, which highly irritates his eye due to having given it to Hisui. (in the underworld, it is common to give your eye to the one you promise to be loyal to for the rest of your life).
Hisui notices that Kokyou is feeling pain and instantly asks him about it. Kokyou kisses Hisui's fragile hand and replies that it is "only the one eye ... which he has given to him". Hisui is touched and the two lovers against all odds begin tenderly caressing eachother.

One day, Shuichirou offers to turn Kohaku's day into something particularly special by taking him to a fairground. Naturally, Kohaku is awfully excited and eagerly and curiously wants to take every possible ride there is to explore at the fair. Unfortunately, their plans are foiled by Kouryuu who steals a particular drug of his cousin's which turns Kohaku into his chibi-form despite it being daytime. At first, Kohaku is utterly upset and sad because he thinks that he now won't be able to go on any rides - however, Shuichirou has the idea of "smuggling" all of them into the ferriswheel by putting them into his bag ^_^
This way, not only Kohaku & him but also Kouryuu and his two servant-catdemons can join them and this is bound to be one of the very first times that many "family members" are shown in something one can easily describe as an harmonic get-together. Of course this is quickly disturbed by Kouryuu and Kohaku's getting into yet another silly argument, but that is really of minor nature. Also, this scene marks the time at which Kohaku happens to catch a first glimpse of Shuichirou's smile - as he is indeed smiling for the first time since they have known eachother. Having seen this, Kohaku is awfully surprised (almost shocked!) but of course at the same time very content. ^^

One day, an Usyagi, the messenger of God, shows up in order to inform Kohaku that he has received orders to return to heaven. Kohaku however is very unhappy about this news since he would like to remain on earth in order to grant Shuichirou his wish when he finally has one. Having to leave so suddenly won't let him free himself of his bad conscience (he hasn't helped Shuichirou in any way - he thinks) and he seeks comfort from Hisui. Hisui already senses that the need of granting Shuichirou his wish isn't what is primarily keeping Kohaku on earth - something Kohaku himself has yet to realize. Hisui wants that the innocent & naive angel fully understands his own feelings by himself, therefore all he says is "but if you have returned the favor, will you be able to leave then?" This sentence hints to Kohaku that there might be more keeping him at Shuichirou's side than he thinks.

Finally surrendering to his responsibility in Heaven & aware that he has to leave against his own will, Kohaku decides to return to his orignal home. He is not able to take this lightly and bursts out in tears when he accompanies Toki (the arch-angel of water) back to Heaven; leaving Shuichirou behind. As they are about to disappear, Shuichirou notices that Kohaku is crying , which finally makes even him (the seemingly "emotionless" man) desperately reach out ; trying to touch Kohaku one last time. But all he is able to keep is Kohaku's earring. From that point on, he always carries it along with him in his clothing pocket.

This particular scene isn't of any major importance; it's simply sweet in its very "familiar" atmosphere. Kouryuu and his two little cat-servants return from the rain, naturally upset about being wet. In my opinion, the fact that Shuichirou takes a towel & rubs them dry clearly shows that the household filled with demons, angels & a human is very obviously moving towards being a harmonious, caring & respectful group ^^

This scene takes place in the past; as it is shown in the Kouryuu-character-chapter at the end of volume III. As a fan of this passionate & adorably mischevious demon, one has got to love the opening part : silent, *peaceful* (!) Kouryuu lying in bed, sleeping - only to be woken up by his lusty demonic servants ^_~
"Kouryuu-sama! Wake up! You wanted to accompany Kokyou to the 'Bridge' today!"
At the thought of seeing Kohaku there & spending time with his cousin & more-than-occasional-lover Kokyou, Kouryuu is instantly wide-awake *smirk* (his getting up is shown on the next page; not on this pagefold featured here)

Apart from the Kouryuu-special, it is also explained at the end of volume III how Kokyou and his relationship with the pure archangel Hisui came about. They met at the 'Bridge' and were strongly attracted to eachother the very first time they exchanged glances. After having spent passionate moments (hours?^^) beside the river, Hisui tells Kokyou his name. His reaction is both awfully comical & intense : At first he is shocked because he has just taken away the purity of a virginial archangel, and at the same time he feels a bit "strange" since he is now aware that Hisui is actually the elder of the two.
However, his comical reaction very suddenly turns into strong determination as he grabs Hisui's slender face and almost harshly says: "Come to the Human world with me !"
Both of them are aware that their relationship would not have any future in both heaven & hell, but rather the oposite : that they will be expelled.

...As It turns out, Hisui agrees on staying with Kokyou and in reaction to this, the demon-prince takes out his eye & gives it to Hisui. He from then on wears it as an earring & a symbol of eternal faith.
Clearly showing how the atmospheres can sometimes switch so incredibly quickly in 'Wish', is the very last part of this scene, in which Kokyou - after a very passionate embrace - makes a confused & "pouting" face, asking himself: "Is he really older than me ...?" Heehe. ^_~

Against the will of the Lord & without the permission of any other member of Heaven, Kohaku has returned to Earth because he cannot stand being separated from Shuichirou any longer. After a while of happiness, he quickly receives his punishment - being forced to remain in his chibi-form the entire day. He realizes that he cannot fully enjoy his time with Shuichirou this way, and knows that he will even be more of a burden to him than he was before. Kouryuu is not aware of the treatment Kohaku has recieved from God and originally wants to tease him about his small appearance. However, when he finds out about Kohaku's situation, he is highly shocked & at loss for words. His behaviour shows that he is afterall not entirely selfish and that he indeed feels affection for Kohaku. He is honestly enraged about the issue and openly shows his feelings of pity and anger. Only Kokyou knows why Kohaku - in contrary to Hisui, who has 'only' been banned from Heaven - is being punished so severely. During the scenes shortly following this one pictured here, everybody finally finds out why Kohaku is treated in such a seemingly cruel way. If you want to know the reason, you will have to either buy the manga or wait for me to translate all of it ....
"It's because of Shuichirou - if only he had fallen in love with a demon instead !"