About & Disclaimer

Clouds.Up did not start out the way you see it before you at the moment.
In March 2000, Alexa (your webmistress and Wish-fanatic) decided to serve the english CLAMP fans by starting a project : Translating the Wish manga. Not too many people had heard of this series, and since I had been so awfully touched by it, I felt the urge to create a site on it.
At first I solely stuck to the translating project, but as time passed, I got the idea of starting a Wish-based Clique, and also wrote a tiny bit of info on the series itself. It was then that I actually opened up a little Wish "collective" entitled Clouds.Up which basically linked together my Kouryuu tribute "Loved By Cats" (I love Kouryuu, if you haven't figured it out by now) , the translations and some other tidbits.
I'd like to refer to this site as the "Beta Version" of what you see here now. It had the same name, and all the content which was in it is to be found here now, but this new version is meant to become a lot larger and more informative.
I see my Wish-related Sites as an important integral part of my network Cherrycoma.net and it is my wish to create an enjoyable,comprehensive site about one of my most favorite manga series. ^^
I hope you'll have fun looking through what I am offering at the moment and fall in love with Wish just like I did back many months ago. It surely is one of the sweetest of CLAMP's series you'll come across. In fact, I personally feel I can almost say it *is* the sweetest.

Basic site-related Facts:
Artwork,characters and plot are CLAMP.
This site is maintained by alexa. Page layout & original content are not to be copied / stolen.
Clouds.Up is part of the Cherrycoma Network, 2000 - 2001