Welcome to Clouds Up, a general website dedicated to Wish, a rather neglected shoujo tale by the infamous mangaka team, CLAMP.

Here you will find a growing range of series-related downloadables, written commentary, analysis, and most importantly scanned translations done by yours truly. This basically means that you can download the edited manga and read it in English ^^

In Februrary 2001, this website had its first birthday, and in May its domain kouryuu.nu will celebrate its one-year-anniversary as well. I'm upset that I was forced to neglect this project of mine during the first months of 2001, but hopefully that will change now. We've got a new interface, some edited content and additions here and there. If you're new to this series, please read a brief introduction here.

Concept & Written Content is Alexa Kirsten Stroth, 2000-2001.
Rightful owners of Wish and all the characters within are CLAMP.
I do not claim ownership of any sort.