Names: Ruri & Hari
"Species": Demons
              a) During nighttime the twins are youthful, cute girls with that "feline touch". They look almost identical (the ribbons are the only difference) with long black hair (partially tied back), flowing, light clothing, pointed ears and narrow eyes.
              b) During the daytime, they fully become cats with ornate rings tied to their tails, yet they retain the ability to speak.
Age: Not specified; supposedly something which would equal a teenager's.
Serve as: Spies, Replacement-lovers, fangirls ^^;

Cats by day, catgirls by night, these troublesome twins are Kouryuu's funloving minions. Since they are minor characters, they spend the entire story following their master and cooing out "Kouryuu-sama!", as well as doing him little favors.
Due to Kouryuu's stronger interest in males, Ruri and Hari often find their efforts to drag him into bed to be rather fruitless. Kouryuu primarily uses them as spies who can find out the latest "hot news" concerning Shuichirou's household. If Kouryuu were a woman (LOL with a cooking apron! XD), Ruri and Hari would be his obedient maids with a nosy spying-tendency ^_-
Regardless of whether they are being treated condescendingly, the two girls never loose their respect and faith in their master. They're truly loyal servants ^^;
Typical for hell's inhabitants in Wish, Ruri and Hari are extraordinarily lustful and very passionate. They're far more lighthearted (even more so than Kouryuu) than the rest of the demons, but nevertheless share the common trait of being in "love-mode" (cough) 24/7.
In a nutshell: They adore their master Kouryuu (slight masochism tendency! Whoo); they please and spy for him; and they are REALLY cheerful and curious ^_^