Name Hisui
Species: Former Archangel of Wind
Appearance: Extremely long, silky blonde-silver hair which is either tied back (mostly) or free-falling (occasionally). Hisui wears an angel-typical light "gown"; is very pretty and has soft, delicate features.
Serves as: Kohaku's mentor and "mother figure"; Kokyou's lover; Kudo household's "housekeeper"
Talents: Comforting, talking reason into people, cooking, being..... soft ^^;:

The former Archangel of Wind, Hisui has now chosen to remain on Earth's realm together with Satan's son Kokyou. The two of them had met at the bridge: Fallen for eachother at first glance; come to know eachother shortly thereafter. What occurs during their second meeting is the only "hinting" scene in Wish which strongly implies sexual contact. Kouryuu's scenes are playful,, seductive, but never turn out being as intense as the particular one between the demon and the angel.
Hisui is delicate, fragile, elegant and kind : His tender, intelligent and soft manner make him the story's most reasonable, friendly and "wise" character. Hisui has seen angel Kohaku grow up and ever since has had the role of a "mother figure" in his life. Hisui always is there to share his experience with Kohaku and is probably the only person who can truly calm down & comfort the younger angel during his lovesickness.
(Alexa's note: I'm not a big Hisui fan ^^; ....Sorry folks)