Name Kokyou
Species: Demon with a very royal bloodline: He's Satan's very son!
Appearance: Short black hair; simple "uniform-like" dark clothing. Broad shoulders, overall "manly build"; lacking one eye.
Age: Yet again, of course not specified. He's supposed to be anything between hmmm.... 25 and 30?
Serves as: The series former-casanova-turned-serious-character. Hisui's lover, Kouryuu's cousin (and former bedpartner). Talents: Parading around full of sexyness, seducing Hisui, attempting to say "that" sentence ("Shuichirou....he is......") ^^;

If Kouryuu is the most obvious bishounen in Wish (aww come on, Hisui & Kohaku are just TOO female......!), then Kokyou is his biseinen counterpart. Kokyou is elder, more serious and far more mature than Kouryuu can ever dream to be. Having left his "wild past" behind, Kokyou has settled with the "love of his life", Hisui. He can be seen as being the very opposite of his lover: Energetic, cool AND hot-tempered, boasting with manliness and extremely clever. Kokyou is an outgoing character whose manners still show traces of his excessive, entertainment/pleasure-crazed youth. His wildness hasn't completely vanished, and while he's clearly become calmer and more mature, he is nevertheless Hisui's very opposite partner. Opposites attract - this is clearly visible with all love affairs in Wish: Kouryuu has a crush on pure angel Kohaku (DON'T try to contradict me! ^^), Kokyou loves Hisui's soft and elegant nature, and silent & serious Shuishirou is attracted to Kohaku's cheerful naivité.
Kokyou is the strong, straight-forward part which Hisui needs, and likewise the angel is Kokyou's calm and softening force.
Kokyou carries an important role in the story, which is most evident in the fact that he is the first to sense Shuishirou's fatal destiny. Long before anybody has realized what will occur within the near future, Kokyou is already trying to speak out about his assumptions. (He is, however, continually hindered to do so by an outerwordly force).
Kokyou is self-confident, strong-willed, passionate - yet with a high level of maturity. Did I mention he was sexy? =D