Wish - An Introduction

"There must be a wish not realized alone" - One night, an angel falls from heaven and is saved by a human. The angel vows to grant his saviour a wish, but the man rejects this offer. Partially out of feelings of duty, partially out of sympathy, the angel - named Kohaku - decides to stay with the human until he has found a wish he is not able to fullfill himself.
On their way of finding their true feelings, their life is filled with other contrasting creatures like the witty, sensual inhabitants of hell as well as other angels from heaven.

"Wish" is a four-volume manga series by the talented mangaka team CLAMP, who are famous for other shoujo series such as the cheerful & cute Card Captor Sakura, the mahou shoujo adventure "Magic Knight Rayearth" , the dark, apocalyptic tale "X" - just to name a few.

Wish is one of their lesser known series and, unlike most of their works, is drawn by Mick Nekoi. (who is also responsible for the artwork in Suki Dakari Suki and Lawful Drug)
Her style is a lot more simple and "clean" than the usual refined, elaborate CLAMP artwork, which may be one reason that less people are attracted to it.
Taken as a whole, the series has an aura of simplicity: The plot - while suspenseful at times - is subdued and not nearly as action and drama packed as their other tales.

Wish is a story about Heaven, Hell and Earth - a story which attempts to combine these three realms and its inhabitants. It is the sweet, romantic story of an angel who falls from heaven and finds the love of his live embodied in a human. Particularly important is the element of attracting opposites. Demons fall in love with angels, cheerful personalities are drawn towards the serious-natured - yin finding yang, if you will.