The first impression a Wish fan has when looking for merchandise of this series is: There is *none*! However, if one looks around enough, one does stumble upon quite a few things. (At least far more than one had expected at first).
Below you will find a listing of some products I have come across, especially at places such as Yahoo Auctions and Ebay.

Other Wish Products : Telephone Cards

There are quite a number of Wish Phone Cards available,and they all make me wish I had the possibility to bid at the japanese Ebay auctions... *whimper*


Cels from the Music Video

Alright, I've been having a hard time finding Cels from the clip at auctions, but here are two which I HAVE seen. I also once spotted a GORGEOUS Kouryuu one (it was a close-up with his staring with his intense garnet eyes *_* ) but I lost the image I saved of it ;_;
Ummm.......NO, I sadly am NOT the owner of the cels depicted below. If they happen to belong to you, please inform me of your e-mail address and I'll post it here ^^ ......Sorry, I don't mean to offend.

: : : : : :Hisui Cel : : : : : : : : SD Kouryuu Cel : : : : : : : :